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DonnaèWeb travel contest a Pietrasanta

Se siete fan della pagina Facebook di Mercoledì tutta la settimana forse saprete che sono finalista del concorso per travel blogger organizzato all’interno della rassegna “DonnaèWeb“, adesso in corso a Pietrasanta.

Siamo nella fase finale della giornata, che prevede la produzione di un elaborato a conclusione di un giro per l’Atene della Versilia. Il post sarà in inglese così come vuole il regolamento: sarà uno strappo alle abitudini di questo blog nato quasi in dialetto versiliese, continuato con sfumature portoghesi e approdato all’italiano.

E adesso… dita incrociate per me! 😀

The cathedral of Pietrasanta

The cathedral of Pietrasanta

Since I was born in Viareggio and spent all my life in Versilia, Pietrasanta is like an old friend to me. I have walked through its streets so many times that I can recognize the details of every corner, the smell outside the bakeries. During the years, I have tasted a lot of gastronomic specialities, appreciated a lot of art exhibits.


Pietrasanta’s marzipan

The difference today is that during the tour we stopped for a moment and found the time to speak with local people: a new world opened in front of me. It may seems weird: I live nearby and I have so many occasions to do this. But you know, sometimes the true revolution is doing all the things we use to procrastinate.


Botero’s fresco

So I discovered that the marzipan is a local product (before I thought it was only from Sicily) and that there is a pastry shop specialized in this tasty food. It’s in the city centre, exactly in the middle of the pedestrian area and it’s known as “Bar Pietrasantese”.

Then we stopped inside the church of San Biagio (formerly Sant’Antonio abate) also known as “Chiesa della Misericordia”. Now I know that Botero, the colombian artist which painted two big frescos titled “Hell’s Doors” and “Heaven’s Doors”, included a self portrait in the fresco: guess if in hell or in heaven!


Carrara’s marble “LOVE”

After a reinvigorating lunch at Arte & co da Scilla in Crispi square we went to the last (and in my opinion the most interesting) step of the tour and we met the handcraft mosaic master Piero Giannoni. His work is unique in Italy and I can say in the whole world: I’ve never seen such a craftsmanship before. He shaped the tessera to draw a face, a landscape or a scene and characters seem to animate in his hands. No worlds can describe his artistic inspiration.

I just want to leave you some pics of the day, in order to appreciate Piatrasanta in its several nuances.


Mosaic tessera

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